Our rooms are located in Vallila, Helsinki. We have two different locations, just a few minutes’ walk apart.

Holiday in the Caribbean, Bodom, Kids Escape Kultaisen aarrekammion salaisuus: Eurantie 2, 00550 Helsinki

Special Force Helsinki, The Heritage, She just disappeared, The magical world of strange Mr. Knoll, Kids Escape Viidakko, Kids Escape Mysteerisirkus: Mäkelänkatu 54 B, 00550 Helsinki

Tel: +358 46 526 4795 (mon-fri 11-19, sat 9-20, sun 12-15)

Opening hours: Our games are available for booking from 10:00-23:00 (mon-sun). We are open only during reserved games.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT SAFETY: Our escape rooms are supervised, follow fire safety regulations and remain unlocked in all circumstances. The players may leave the room whenever desired during the game. All of our facilities include a fire rescue plan, guides to emergency exits and extensive fire extinguishing equipment. Our game masters are trained to act in emergency situations. Please contact, if you are worried about safety during the games, we are happy to advice!


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