You are members of Special Task Force that was founded today. All of Helsinki has stopped after a threat made to Pasila police station this morning. An unknown perpetrator threatens to explode multiple targets in the city, demands high ransom and claims to have a hostage. Your job is to investigate the case quickly, remove danger and identify the threat maker’s identity. Can you succeed in the mission before the perpetrator fulfills their plan?

Book your preferred day and time for the room “Special Force Helsinki” now. Prices shown are per person and vary depending on the size of the group.


The room is located in Vallilla at Mäkelänkatu 54B (2nd floor) in the same premises as The Heritage.

Challenge groups: The games in The Heritage room will start 15 minutes after Task Force Helsinki games. Please send us an email to info@exitroomhelsinki.com if you wish to start at the same time.

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