New arrival: MAIL ABROAD! Get a gift card that will give someone who loves to solve mysteries more puzzles and secrets to solve, for a longer period of time. Click here and read more (provided only in Finnish)

At EXIT ROOM HELSINKI you have 66 minutes to explore a mysterious room full of surprises and to find the key for the exit. An exciting escape game mission is waiting for you!

NEW: Escape The Bar – a three hours lasting team event including various level, tasks and snacks. Will your team win? Read more and make a reservation here (only in Finnish).

Escape The Island – a boat will bring you to an island near Helsinki. Your task is to prevent Finland from a nuclear catastrophe. (only in Finnish). Read more here

ESCAPE ROOMS are the perfect freetime activity for friends, families, colleagues… Search the room, turn it upside down. Be clever and solve all the puzzles. Do you manage to get out in just 66 minutes?
Our interactive and exciting rooms in a very special atmosphere are suitable for groups of 2 – 5 people. Expect amazing background stories, cool actions and tasks. Experience it yourself or surprise others with a gift card.
We have special offers for larger groups (up to 45 people) and we are happy to organize an amazing, unforgettable and motivating event at our address. Simply ask for an offer:
Your team is transported back into the year 1960. You go on a trip to idylic lake Bodom. A real nice camping trip. But there is a danger lurking somewhere in the woods! Read more
Neighbour – nobody knows anything about the mysterious neighbour or his past. He spends all his time in the garage and only comes out once a day to take out his little dog. Read more

You have just had the most memorable caravan trip around Finland. It is almost time to head home when you see a news article that stops you on your tracks. You and your trailer are wanted, and the police are after you. Who has had the trailer before you?

You are members of Special Task Force founded today. An unknown perpetrator threatens Helsinki! Can you stop them before the perpetrator fulfills their plan?

In a luxury hotel suite in the Caribbean you explore some strange notes about a German submarine. Will you find the gold treasure on board or will you return back home – empty handed? Read more

One very famous inventor, who is a big friend of conspiracy theories, has disappeared. Rumor has it that he managed to build a working time machine to his workshop. Follow the inventor back in time and try to solve some of the most famous conspiracy theories. The battery of the time machine will only last for 66 minutes!

After the legendary Linnanjuhlat on the Finnish independence day only a few VIPs are invited by the president. You are the first ones to arrive at his apartment. Read more

A widow received a vast heritage and now travels the world on a luxury cruise ship. You are taking care of her apartment. As a thank you she assigned you to be her heirs. One day you’ll open the mail box and suddenly you are in a hurry to find the will. Why? Find out after opening the mail box!

play in reality, not on screen

Our escape rooms at EXIT ROOM HELSINKI are no copies or franchises but have been created invididually by experienced game designers and pegagogy experts who run some of the best rated escape rooms in Germany.
Excitment, fun and many surprises are awaiting you. An amazing experience – guaranteed!



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